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2022 Annual Letter

Isa Hasenko ∙ Product ∙

Happy birthday Fintable! The app is now one year old, having launched in private beta on February 8th last year, followed by a public launch a few weeks later. Since then, we’ve come a long way, now serving over a hundred businesses and personal users, ranging from private individuals to accounting firms and fintech unicorns. We now support over 33,000+ banks and financial institutions in 65+ countries, with a unique place in the European fintech ecosystem.

With our feet firmly planted in 2022, I wanted to say a few words about where Fintable is headed this year, what I’ve learned since, and what plans I have brewing to serve our customers, data partners and the broader fintech world.

Expanded European Coverage via Nordigen

Product ∙

“Fintable and Nordigen share a similar vision- free open banking data access for everyone. Fintable has the goal to become the quickest and easiest no-code tool that uses open banking data, and I’m excited that our solution is helping them do so.”

Securely Sharing your Fintable

Security ∙

Fintable has no access to your bank credentials or money. Bank credentials are securely handled by data providers like Plaid and Finicity. However, we do have access to your transaction data and bank balances, which are covered by our Security and Privacy Policy.

Allocations partners with Fintable.

Company ∙ enables investors to raise and deploy capital quickly and take on the institutions at investing with SPVs, Funds & SPACs. They’re on a mission to democratize capitalism by enabling anyone to become a fund manager.