Securely Sharing your Fintable

Security ∙

Fintable has no way access to your bank credentials or your money. Bank credentials are securely handled by data providers like Plaid and SaltEdge. However, we do have access to your transactions and bank balances, which are covered by our Security and Privacy Policy.

That said, there are a few ways you can ensure your data remains private within Airtable even if you do need to share the data.

Avoid sharing

The first obvious rule is to ensure that your Airtable base is not shared with anyone who shouldn’t have access to your financial data! If the Fintable app is installed on an Airtable base, anyone who has access to the base could gain access to your Airtable API key, which gives access to ALL your Airtable bases, and also your Fintable acccount.

If you need to share your Fintable, but still want to restrict the ability to access ALL your Airtable bases, consider the next step.

Create a Fintable-specific Airtable account

For greater security in shared bases, consider creating a dedicated Airtable account which only has access to your Fintable. That account could have Editor-only permissions and have access to ONLY the Airtable bases which are relevant. That way, if the API key was compromised, your other data would not be.

Enterprise: Sub-Accounts

For greater flexibility in shared data scenarios, Fintable offers Enterprise-only features which allow you to securely collect financial data from your clients and sync it to your Airtable base. This is useful in lending or credit-check use-cases, where clients share their bank data so you can make lending decisions, for example.

Fintable Enterprise allows you to create sub-Fintable accounts and share those accounts with clients, so they can securely enter their bank credentials and share their data to your Airtable, all without seeing any other data.

Contact us to learn more about our Enterprise offering.

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