Securely Sharing your Fintable

Securely Sharing your Fintable

Fintable has no access to your bank credentials or money. Bank credentials are securely handled by data providers like Plaid and Finicity. However, we do have access to your transaction data and bank balances, which are covered by our Security and Privacy Policy.

Airtable is likewise SOC2 compliant, amongst a variety of other recognized security compliance requirements. Learn more about Airtable security at

Use Non-Shared Airtable Bases

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your Airtable base with the Fintable app is not shared with anyone. If the Fintable app is installed on an Airtable base, anyone who has access to the base could gain access to your Airtable API key, which gives access to ALL your Airtable bases, and also your Fintable account. Note this will NOT compromise access to your money, but it may leak transaction information.

Q4 2021 Update From Airtable: The connection mechanism will be updated in Q2 2022 to allow OAuth-based sharing, which means you won't have to share your Airtable API key with Fintable, making sharing bases more secure and straightforward.

If you need to share your Fintable base, but still want to restrict the ability to access all your Airtable bases, consider creating a dedicated Airtable account just for Fintable.


For greater flexibility in shared data scenarios, Fintable offers managed Sub-Account features which allow you to securely collect financial data from third parties and sync it to different Airtable bases.