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Expanded European Coverage via Nordigen

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Nordigen is a key partner for Fintable because we share a similar vision: make open banking data accessible to everyone. Nordigen does this by providing the most comprehensive (and fastest growing!) European coverage when compared to any other open banking data provider. Fintable makes Nordigen data accessible to consumers that don’t have in-house coding expertise.

Fintable is a “no-code” tool that enables you to quickly analyze open banking data in a spreadsheet, without writing code. Whether you have business workflows that revolve around realtime transactions, or you just want to verify a third-parties income for lending purposes, Fintable enables you to fetch open banking data in a familiar “no-code” interface like Airtable in 5 minutes. No need to hire developers to connect to open-banking APIs, no need to build finance tools which could take several months to code.

Our vision is to become the quickest and easiest NoCode tool for experimenting with open banking data without building a full-fledged app.

Try our Nordigen integration and connect your European PSD2 Open Banking data to Airtable in a few minutes!

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