Use cases and testimonials from folks using Airtable for financial analysis in every industry.

Personal Finance

Hundreds of people use Fintable every day to manage thousands of bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts

Small Business

Small business owners from tuna fisheries like to construction companies use Fintable to bring their family business accounts under one roof.


From apps just starting out, to VC-funded unicorns, Fintable helps startups grow by simplifying finance automation.


Storebuild uses Fintable to offer highly specialized commercial real estate growth solutions to maximize investment value for clients.

Team Expenses, a healthcare software vendor, uses Fintable to service private equity-backed dermatology and ophthalmology practices.

Professional Services

Accountants and lawyers use Fintable to simply internal processes for small teams.

Personal Finance
Small Business

Customer Story

A family fishery.

Moalia Sashimi Tuna is an early pioneer of sustainable high-quality fresh tuna where they scout across the clearest ocean waters of Sri Lanka and Maldives. Moalia’s team pride themselves in achieving the best quality and service for their partners, suppliers, and customers.

Here’s how Fintable works for Moalia:

  • Synchronized all business accounts under one roof.
  • Provided visibility across all business accounts in France and Spain.
  • Enabled custom accounting tasks such as sending customer payments by email via automation.

Bottom line

Within a month, Fintable was able to assist Moalia to track their business and have an ease of access to their financial data.  In addition, thanks to the automations and tools integrated into Airtable, you can finally do smart things with your banking transactional data.

Customer Story

A bicycle community.

The Brake Room is community of outdoor enthusiasts that serve craft coffee and beautiful bikes to locals across Belleville, ON. The team pride themselves in identifying the right fit for their customers whether it be shopping for parts, repairing, or purchasing a new bike altogether.

Here’s how Fintable works for The Brake Room:

  • Created specific expenses tables for suppliers and partners.
  • Equipped inventory managers to enter costs accurately without needing access to bank statements.
  • Provided live transactional data for team visibility.

Bottom line

Fintable reduced The Brake Room’s inventory management latency and simplified their workflow by enabling a consolidated channel for the team to communicate their finances.


Customer Story

For serial entrepreneurs.

MemberFix partners with solopreneurs, businesses, and governmental organizations to create, maintain, and grow profitable WordPress-based membership sites, eLearning sites, and online communities. MemberFix takes responsibility of all the technical work, so business owners can focus on growing and giving value to their members.

Here’s how Fintable works for MemberFix:

  • United different bank and Paypal accounts into one dashboard.
  • Made it easy to analyze numbers by business and business unit.
  • Streamlined accounting processes for several businesses.

Bottom line

Fintable allowed MemberFix to save hours per month on manual accounting tasks by leveraging Airtable’s automation. It also allowed MemberFix to pull in data that Xero no longer imports because of their now-exclusive partnership with Yodlee, while Fintable utilizes Plaid and other Fintech APIs. Less work, greater transparency into key business financials, power of Airtable underneath…what’s not to love?


Customer Story

Real estate investing.

Storebuild offers highly specialized commercial real estate growth solutions to maximize enterprise value for clients. The team has developed and leased +2M sq/ft of retail space providing equity capital, value add strategies and brokerage solutions to hundreds of local and national clients.

Here’s how Fintable works for Storebuild:

  • Provided the ability to connect to small regional banks as Storebuild manages estate projects across different U.S. states.
  • Synchronized all transactions and accounts to provide visibility on age, bank name, and LLC associated.
  • Saved the team at least 10-15 hours per week of pushing paperwork and managing logins.

Reporting made easy.

In addition, Storebuild has created several views and a PDF report that allows team members to surf through each bank summary and receive an accurate balance within a minute of the meeting. Team members are also able to add notes about incoming and outgoing transactions for greater transparency..

Team Expenses

Customer Story

A team expense tracking solution.

FiveSix is the leading provider of white-glove integration services to private equity-backed dermatology and ophthalmology practices. The team performs high-quality end-to-end data conversions for practice management and EHR data for a fraction of what your current vendor charges to import data into your system.

Here’s how Fintable works for FiveSix:

  • Reduced time and effort spent on billing expenses accurately to clients.
  • Built an automated indexing process that assigns billable expense category based on merchant name and amount.
  • Increased cash flow and invoice frequency.

Bottom line

Fintable has been able to assist FiveSix in distributing expense information to their cardholders. This allows them to directly assign travel expenses to client engagements within their internal consulting operations application.

Professional Services

Customer Story

For lawyers.

Chestnut Hill Legal is a boutique law firm committed to delivering exceptional legal services to the Philadelphia area. The practice is focused on estate planning, probate, special needs, and elder law.

Here’s how Fintable works for Chestnut Hill:

  • Removed the need for a dedicated bookkeeping assistant.
  • Managed business expenses, tax calculations, and budgeting within Airtable.
  • Replaced their initial manual workflow where they entered expenses into Airtable by hand.

Bottom line

As a solo law practice, Chestnut Hill Legal is able to use Fintable personally and professionally to claw back time every day.