Fintable is a Toronto-based fintech startup.
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What is Fintable?

Fintable replaces your budgeting app with a simple spreadsheet. We provide a spreadsheet template, and then automatically sync your bank account / credit card balances and transactions to your spreadsheet. What you do with your spreadsheet is up to you! Our template supports budgeting, historical analysis, receipt storage and more. You can add any other data you wish, or delete the columns you don't need.

What is a bank connection?

A bank connection is a robot that regularly checks your bank account or credit card. Fintable partners with a third-party, globally trusted bank data provider called Plaid. Your credentials are handled by them. Our partnership is hand-vetted and audited by Plaid, which handles millions of bank connections every day. Your bank credentials and financial data are completely inaccessible to Fintable employees, and all your data is protected by bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

How do I connect my Airtable account?

Log into Airtable, find your API key, and paste it on your Fintable dashboard. That's it! For greater security, we recommend using a dedicated Airtable account that has limited Editor-only access to your financial spreadsheets, so that your primary account API key remains a secret.

What pieces of data are synced?

We only sync bank balances (account totals) and transaction history, and send you a daily email update. This data, when integrated into our Airtable template, makes it possible for you to do much more, such as upload receipts, filter and categorize transactions, and perform budgeting analysis. It's your spreadsheet - how you use it is up to you.

How does Fintable ensure the security and privacy of my financial information?

Fintable, like most other fintech companies, partners with globally trusted data brokers like Plaid, SaltEdge or Yodlee. We do not, and cannot, view your bank credentials, nor do we store any transaction data on our servers. We blindly pipe data to your Airtable account. Our data broker of choice is Plaid, which is owned by Visa, Inc. - the company that manages the Visa credit card network. Fintable's operational processes adhere to bank-grade security protocols: like strong encryption, Stripe-based PCI compliance, and is independently approved and audited by our data broker and payment processor (Stripe). As a Toronto-based company, Fintable is subject to Canadian law in the province of Ontario. We do not sell, view, or otherwise process your data, except to import it to your spreadsheet. See our terms of service and privacy policy.