Product Updates ∙

Airtable Marketplace & Better Syncing

Now live on the Airtable Marketplace! We've been hard at work last month making the sync faster, more reliable, and more robust. Here are some of the latest features:

  • Gracefully handles cases when posted transactions change or disappear.
  • Pending Transactions! Now available. Just configure your bank.
  • Sync Schedules. Need your latest transactions to sync every hour? Just visit your dashboard "Schedule" page or fill in this form.
  • Faster syncs. The syncer now skips accounts which are already written if the balance hasn't changed. For business banks with a large number of accounts, this can make syncs up to twice as fast. However, we're not done yet. More speed optimizations are in the works, and the goal is to make Fintable feel almost instant (10-seconds max).
  • 🏧 Airtable App. Now you can trigger a sync without leaving Airtable.