How It Works

Your finances, your way.

5 Minute Setup Start syncing in minutes.

  1. Copy our Airtable personal finance template.
  2. Paste in your Airtable API key to Fintable.
  3. Link your bank accounts via Plaid, etc.
  4. Let the sync run daily, or initiate a Realtime Sync.

We've partnered with several of the largest bank data providers in the world, e.g. Plaid, Finicity, and Nordigen to connect with thousands of banks in the US, Canada and Europe.

To see if your bank is supported, please check our supported institutions page or contact us to request a bank.

Airtable Sync AlgorithmDesigned for accounting-grade accuracy.

  1. Plays nicely with existing data, manual input, CSV export, or other sources.
  2. Gracefully notifies you of anomalies, such as when posted transactions change or disappear.
  3. Intelligently avoids creating duplicates by preserving sync state.

Fintable is used by accountants, which means that everything is designed with meticulous accuracy and flexibility in mind.

  • Secure & Private: Fintable simply pipes data to your Airtable, using industry-standard fintech security practices. We have no access to your bank credentials.


What is Fintable?

Fintable enables you to do anything with your financial data by syncing it to Airtable. We provide an Airtable template, and then automatically push your bank account / credit card balances and transactions to your spreadsheet daily. What you do with your spreadsheet is up to you! Airtable supports workflows, historical analysis, receipt storage and more. You can add any other data you wish, or hide/delete the columns you don't need.

Which banks work with Fintable?

We support most major banks in the US, Canada, and Europe. And we are constantly expanding coverage.

To see if your bank is supported, please check our coverage page or contact us to request a bank.

However, the easiest way to make sure everything works as expected is to sign up for a free trial.

How do I connect my Airtable account?

Log into Airtable, find your API key, and paste it on your Fintable dashboard. That's it! For greater security, we recommend using a dedicated Airtable account that has limited Editor-only access to your financial spreadsheets, so that your primary account API key remains a secret.

What pieces of data are synced?

We only sync balances and transactions, and in some cases, pending transactions, realtime available balances, and investment holdings. This data, when integrated into our Airtable template, makes it possible for you to do much more, such as upload receipts, filter and categorize transactions, and perform budgeting analysis. It's your spreadsheet - how you use it is up to you.

How does Fintable ensure the security and privacy of my financial information?

Fintable, like most other fintech companies, partners with globally trusted data brokers, specifically Plaid, Finicity (owned by Mastercard), Tink (owned by Visa) and Nordigen. We do not, and cannot, view your bank credentials. Fintable's operational processes adhere to bank-grade security protocols: like strong encryption, Stripe-based PCI compliance, and is independently approved and audited by our data broker and payment processor (Plaid, Stripe and Finicity). Fintable, Inc. is registered in the State of Delaware and is founded by Isa Hasenko. We do not sell, view, or otherwise process your data, except to import it to your spreadsheet. See our terms of service and privacy and security policy.