Sync your bank accounts to Airtable.

The world's first Airtable Finance Platform. Take control of your finances by securely connecting your bank data to your spreadsheet. #nocode

Integrates 31,000+ banks in 44 countries syncing $500+ million every month.

Global bank coverage enabled by our partnerships with 7 regulated financial data aggregators.

Live Bank Data

Automatically sync transactions and balances from all your banks and credit cards to one place.

Realtime data subject to bank availability. Frequency of data refreshes vary.

No Code

Build financial data workflows without hiring developers. Access data from almost any bank in the USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

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Historical Archive

Press a button, and download several years of transaction data for archival or analysis.

Historical data subject to bank limitations. Varies from 4 months to 7 years.


Use Airtable as a central database, and then use tools like Zapier to connect your financial data to almost anything, from your Apple Watch to your email inbox.

Client Dashboard

Securely collect financial data from clients or third-parties using our Sub Account dashboard. Used by lending, credit-check, accounting or bookkeeping firms.

Secure Pipeline

Fintable is a fully encrypted (TLS) data pipeline. Your data belongs to you – we will never sell it. Trusted by fintech startups, accounting firms, businesses, and personal users alike.

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