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Sync your bank accounts to Airtable.

See all your bank balances and transactions on your own Airtable spreadsheet.
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Trusted to sync $100+ million every month. Fintable is loved by VC firms and solo entreprenuers alike.

Transaction Sync

Automatically sync transactions and balances from all your banks and credit cards to one place. Learn how it works ›

Daily Email Update

Get a quick daily update on your bank balances and transactions summarized beautifully, and sent straight to your inbox every morning.

Real-time Balances

Press a button, and see your up-to-date bank balances, all in one place.

* Requires Business plan.

Custom Reporting

Need to auto-categorize transactions according to certain rules, or build custom views? We can build a solution, just for you.


Yes, you can upload receipt pictures to Airtable (fast mobile app planned). Up to 5 GB supported on Airtable's free plan. Makes expense reporting a breeze.

Extensible API

Airtable is a mature product with a solid API and Zapier integration. Connect almost anything to your spreadsheet.

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