Sync your bank to spreadsheets.

You analyze your finances on a spreadsheet.
We sync your bank accounts there securely.

Trusted by hundreds of
around the world.

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Not yet another budget app.

Nothing beats a spreadsheet.

There are lots of accounting and personal finance apps out there, but almost everyone comes back to where they started: a good old spreadsheet.

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Realtime bank data.
Fetch your latest bank balances and transactions daily or even hourly, depending on the type of connection.
Global bank coverage.
Integrates with 15,000+ banks and credit cards in 30+ countries.
Customizable sync.
Watch your syncs happen in realtime and integrate deeply into existing spreadsheets.
Bank-grade security.
Industry-standard encryption to secure your data pipeline on our servers and in transit.
Filter, notify, classify, search or build approval workflows for transactions using a combination of no-code tools like Airtable and Zapier.
Build financial data workflows without hiring developers.

We integrate with 15,000+ banks in 30+ countries.

Powered by some of the world's largest fintech companies.

Search to check if your bank is supported.

Spreadsheet enthusiasts, unite!

Loved by thousands.

We've been in operation for 3 years and have helped thousands of people to manage their finances, including accountants, developers, startups, investors, small businesses, family offices, married couples, and spreadsheet nerds.

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Banks integrated
Countries supported
Transactions synced
$3 billion+
Years in operation

“Airtable has gotten my whole life together. Now that I can have all my transactions in airtable, I can set up dashboards that make date viewing and budgeting a breeze. Thanks!”


“Having live transaction data in Airtable has reduced inventory management latency ten-fold.”

“Just found out about @fintableHQ, a simple app to sync your bank accounts to Airtable. Never thought of it but this may be the BEST way to build your own analytics and automated tagging systems.”

Sebastián Murillo

“... @fintableHQ amazing product. Now I can track all finances from my laptop in on tab.”

David Carl